• PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B

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200mm powered oversized, down-firing, subwoofer in ported enclosure with high efficiency D-Class amplifier

  • Klasse D forstærker
  • Overstørrelse mål
  • Low-pass Filter
  • Basforstærker kredsløb
  • Forstærker inkluderet
  • Højttaler-niveau input

Nøgle Funktioner

400W Max Power Class-D Amplifier
Down Firing Ported Enclosure
Compact design, Can be installed under the seat
Woofer Cone with Reinforcing Ridges & Dual Area cap
High Durability, Stress Controlled, Spider
Optimized Magnetic Circuit
Air Cooling System
Side panel with Detachable Power Connector
Kablet fjernbetjening (Level/Freq./phase control)



Deep Bass from Small Enclosure

By using a down-firing subwoofer and superior technologies, the audio system generates high-quality sound and powerful bass while still being compact.



High Efficiency D-Class Amplifier.

This amplifier uses large audio grade capacitors that store energy, providing instant power during times of peak demand



Wired Remote Control

The wired remote control allows you to adjust the volume of the subwoofer.



Detachable DC Connector

The subwoofer box can be removed easily when you want to load big stuff in the trunk.




Reinforcing Ribbing (Cone) adds strength to the cone and minimizes distortion as the Dual Area Cap with his two curved surfaces suppress deformation of the woofer cap and reproduce solid bass. The Strong Magnetic Circuit with large magnet and optimized yoke reproduces strong deep bass sound.

Dashboard car mount Air vent car mount Horizontal / vertical adjustable mount
Reinforcing Ribbing Dual Area Cap Strong Magnetic Circuit