• DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS
  • DMX7722DABS

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Digital Media AV Receiver with 6.8" WVGA Display, Enhanced Wireless Smartphone Connections (WiFi & Bluetooth) & Digital Radio DAB+.

By connecting your smartphone and DMX7722DABS wirelessly, your driving time will be more fun and convenient: Safe, Smart and Comprehensive Control with Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ and the USB Mirroring allows you to display and control your Android smartphone on the KENWOOD receiver screen. Furthermore enjoy the Optimal Sound Performance with 13 Band Graphic EQ and Time Alignment and an optional rear view camera enhances safety while backing up and monitoring behind your vehicle. Built-in, adjustable parking guidelines further add to its effectiveness.
  • Indbygget DAB+ tuner
  • Dual telefon tilslutning
  • KENWOOD Musik Mix Support
  • Top menu tilpasning
  • FM(RDS) + AM(MW/LW) Tuner
  • Bluetooth enhed integreret
  • WiFi
  • Virker med Apple CarPlay
  • Arbejder med trådløs Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto indbygget
  • Works Wireless with Android Auto
  • Android USB Mirroring
  • Parkerings assistance / parkeringsfelt
  • OEM fjernbetjening

Nøgle Funktioner

6.8 "WVGA capacitive touch panel with sharp, high-contrast images, vivid colors and wide viewing angles.
Wi-Fi indbygget for praktisk trådløs forbindelse med en kompatibel smartphone.
DAB+ radio tuner for noise & interference free reception and crystal-clear digital stereo sound.
Bluetooth(R) trådløs teknologi til håndfri opkald og musikstreaming. (Tilgængelige funktioner afhænger af mobiltelefon).
Supports CarPlay wirelessly (Wifi) and wired (USB).
Supports Android Auto wirelessly (Wifi) and wired (USB).
Supports Android USB Mirroring including 2-way touch control capability.
Dedicated rear view camera input with parking guide lines
3 RCA high power (2.5V) preouts (front/rear/sub)
Digital Sound Processor, Time Alignment & 13-Band EQ for optimal sound tuning enhancements
Short body (75mm) for easy installation.